NUTS & MAGS Brought Us to Disneyworld

The NUTS & MAGS program helps girls gain new life skills such as Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, Interpersonal Skills, and Business Ethics. This program gives girls life experiences that stay with them for a lifetime and once all sales are final and the program has ended, the girls decide what to do with their earnings. Decision-making skills come into play as they make the choice together, as a troop.

For Troop 10123, the decision was easy. They were going to use their NUTS & MAGS money to go to the happiest place on earth, Disneyworld.

Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson spoke with troop leader, Dee H. about her troops NUTS & MAGS experience and how their Disney trip turned out.


GSHH: What goal did Troop 10123 set for themselves? How long did it take for them to reach that goal? 

DEE H: Troop 10123 worked for 3 years to obtain enough money to attend a Disney Youth Education series in Marine Biology. We knew we needed approximately $1200 per person.  The girls thought of ways to get the needed funds.  They had clothing drives, badge workshops for younger scouts, bake sales,  parent night out for babysitting and of course cookie and fall product sale.  They did all of this while still doing community service and completing 3 journeys to get the summit badge,

GSHH: Was Disney always the end game for them in terms of how they wanted to spend the money they earned during the NUTS+MAGS program?  

DEE H: Yes, at least for the last 3 years. Our girls worked hard to get the monies needed.  They really learned the value of a dollar and how hard it was to get what they wanted,  They questioned all expenses and found out exactly the cost before spending money.  A great learning experience.

GSHH: What do you think the girls learned from participating in the program?

DEE H: The girls learned goal setting and money management as they have in the past.  The past 3 years they were more focused on ways to earn as much as they could for their trip.  Because the FPS is mainly online, they did not have to use their excellent people skills but were ready if needed.

GSHH: What was their favorite attraction at Disney? 

DEE H: Avatar Flight of Passage

GSHH: Why do you think Girl Scouts should participate in the NUTS+MAGS program?

DEE H: As Girl Scouts, there are some responsibilities that the girls know they have to do in order to benefit their troop.  Nuts and Mags is one of those responsibilities.   They also know that in order to do money earning activities the girls will have to participate in FPS and they have learned to do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

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