An Interview About NUTS+MAGS!

The NUTS+MAGS program is in full effect! As the girls continue to create their M2 Avatars, sell nuts/chocolate products, and magazine subscriptions, Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson wanted to take some time to speak to one of the girls participating in the program and find out what the experience has been like for them.

shannonmagsLuckily we were given such an opportunity when we spoke with Shannon C. about what the program has been like for her:

GSHH: What is your favorite part about the NUTS+MAGS program?

SHANNON C.: My favorite part about selling NUTS+MAGS is that I get to meet new people.

GSHH: What goal did you set for yourself? Have you reached that goal?

SHANNON C.: My goal was 100 items and I am super close. I expect to meet my goal by the end of the week.

GSHH: Did you create your Avatar? What was your favorite new customizable feature?

SHANNON C.: I did create my Avatar. I like that you added socks, even though I did not put them on my Avatar, I just like that you added the option.

GSHH: Why should Girl Scouts participate in the NUTS+MAGS program?

SHANNON C.: I think Girl Scouts should do NUTS+MAGS because it is a great experience.

GSHH: What new skills have you learned from the program?

SHANNON C.: I have learned to get over my fears of talking to people.


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