Selling Cookies as a Juliette

Written by Jahnvi

I am a Juliette in Girl Scouts. I managed to sell a lot of cookies this year, despite not being part of a troop. I had booths at a mall, Dunkin Donuts, and our local train station. It was my first time selling at booths, so it was a new experience. I also sold the cookies going door-to-door, and my parents helped by selling at their work.

Cookie selling at booths helped my social skills by talking to people I didn’t know. My cookie selling strategy was to ask anyone I knew because it’s surprising how many people are eager to buy them. Sometimes, it was very hard selling the cookies, because a lot of people had already bought them. I remember when it was cold early in the season, it made the selling experience harder without a troop. It was also fun though since some buyers were very encouraging of me. It felt business-like managing the money. The booths gave me the opportunity to sell extra cookies. The Thin Mints and Samoas were a hit as always.

At times it was harder for me to keep up the motivation to sell as a Juliette because I wasn’t with a troop. My mom though motivated and encouraged me that I could sell a lot of cookies even as a Juliette. I did sell a total of 500 cookies in the whole season, which I think was a lot as a Juliette. If you are a Juliette like me, just know that you can aim high at selling lots of cookies, just as much as troops. It may be harder, but you can get the same results.


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