Female Role Models I’ve Met Because of Girl Scouts

Guest Blogger: Taylor Vero, a first year Cadette.

I, along with my troop, have been so fortunate to have met many amazing, and strong female role models, on our Girl Scout journey!


I’d like to share a few of them.

My troop and I had the honor of meeting a female pilot of a C-17 military transport aircraft at Stewart Air National Guard Base. Each Scout in my troop got the opportunity to sit in the cockpit and hear about her responsibilities as a military pilot of such a massive machine.

Some other great female role models we met were apart of our local justice system. We met an assistant district attorney and a town court justice. We had the exciting opportunity to sit on the bench with Judge Jane Harrington. It was very interesting as all the people coming to court had to face us as they made there pleas. We got to see her in action and she was very well respected.


Another inspiring female I met with my troop, was a wildland firefighter at Minnewaska State Park. She let each of us try on her gear and water tank, which was not filled or it would be very heavy. It was heavy enough without water! She took us out on the trails to teach us about fire ecology and where we can see the effects of old and newer fires in nature.

These are just some of the strong female role models we met. They were very nice and encouraging to us!

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