Summer Camp

Guest Blogger: Madeline Solis, Cadette Troop 01790 from Yonkers

Girl Scout camps are a great opportunity for girls to enjoy the outdoors and make friends. I started camp 8 years ago and have been going every year since, Each year I make new friends, see friends I’ve met in previous years and learn many new things.

Since GSHH Summer Camp registration opens tomorrow (, I wanted to give you a taste of my experiences.

My first camp experience was at Rocky Brook Day Camp during July of 2010. I loved all the activities they had there.

At Rocky Brook, there are 3 main levels:

  • For girls entering grades K-3rd they are in a program called Honeybees. They do many activities such as boating and swimming during visits to Rock Hill, arts and crafts and earn they’re daisy or brownie badges depending on their grade.
  • 4-5th grades are Bumblebees. They get to do activities such as archery and 1 night tent sleepovers at Rock Hill. This is a great way for girls to get to know about sleepaway camp and enjoy camp foods. They will also do arts and crafts,earn Junior badges and much more.
  • 6-9th graders are Queen bees. They also have optional 1 night sleepovers at Rock Hill. They earn their Cadette badges and do activities for older children.
  • For 14 year olds there is Camp Aides. And for 15 year olds, C.I.T.

One of my favorite things about Rocky Brook is that it has “All Camps” activities that the whole camp gets involved in. 

All Girl Scout camp also have “Girls Choice”. It looks a little different at each camp, but it gives the campers the ability to choose some of their activities – if they want to learn a specific skill, spend time with campers from another group, or have extra sessions of a specific activity. At Rocky Brook, they offer 3 different options each day to choose from, and every camper gets to choose how they want to spend it.

Another favorite is ice cream truck fridays during snack time.

Rocky Brook is an amazing camp. The sessions are 2 weeks each involving one major trip, two trips to Rock Hill, and much more.


Rock Hill Resident Camp

Rocky Brook is not the only girl scout camp in Heart of the Hudson. Rock Hill Camp is a resident camp mainly for girls grades 3-11. There is one program for girls grades 1-2 in which a female companion over the age of 18 must go with them called Me and My Gal for two nights.

For 3-5 graders the cabin program options for 1 week are Movin’ and Groovin’, S’more than Fun, Crafty Kids, Splish Splash , Fairy Finder, Happy Habitats and Around the Year in 5 Days.

In the summer of 2014, I attended S’more than Fun, and I had the time of my life there. I suggest doing the program that fits what you like to do.

For 4-5 graders there are the 1 week tent sessions, In-tents, Slime Time, Fact or Fiction, Nature Explorers and Dinosaurs. If you are in these grade levels and want to go into the tents then these are the programs for you.

For 6-8th graders the 1 week cabin programs are Infinity and Beyond, Cabin Fever, Bon Appetite, Breathe Journey Program, Share Your Story and Rock Hill Runway. I attended Infinity and Beyond in 2015, and loved it but girls should choose the program that interests them. Also they have 1 week tent programs On Your Feet, All Aboard, and Mystery to Me. These are perfect for girls who want to tent but not for 2 weeks. If you can’t choose between tent or cabin then Girls on the Go is perfect for you. If you like camp so much and want to stay for 2 weeks, the tent of options are Zip Zip Away and Brains. I did Zip Zip Away in 2016 and had so much fun zip-lining.

For 9-10th graders 3 week Outpost is a must for girls who like primitive camping. Sleeping in pitch tents and cooking every meal on the fire is a true experience. I had an overly amazing time in outpost in 2017.

1 week cabin sessions for grades 9-11 are Hungry 4 Fun, Wildest Dreams and Crea-tree-vity. These are for those high schoolers who want to be in the cabin. 2 week tent programs are On the Loose and High Adventure. High Adventure is recommended to be done after Outpost. For 15-17 year olds, you can do Lifeguard in Training, 10-11th grade super STARS, and 16-17 year olds, C.I.T.


Camp Addisone Boyce

Last, but definitely not least, Camp Addison Boyce! I have never been to this camp, but it is a day camp in Rockland County known for it’s outdoor adventures (canoeing, fishing, hiking, archery, etc.). Here’s a sampling of what they have in store for this summer:

  • For 1-3rd graders the 1 week programs are STEM Stars, Walk on the Wild Side, Wet and Wild, Wacky Water, Adventure Land and Fun in the Sun.
  • For 4-5th graders the 1 week options are STEM-ing Out, Explore Your World, Splash!, Wild About Water, STEM Life is the Best Life, The Art of Nature. 2 week sessions are Movers and Shakers, Water World and Extreme Green.
  • For 6-8th graders the 1 week programs are What’s Cookin’, Mission Impossible, Keep Cool and Carry On, Wonderful Water, State of Relaxation and The Art of Your World. Two week programs are Breathe Easy, Raging Water and Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.
  • For high schoolers the sessions are Happy Camper, Mission: Sisterhood Journey, Camp Aides and C.I.T.


Want to know more? Check out the summer camp brochure and summer camp FAQ.

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