New Year’s Resolutions for Girl Scouts

It’s a little less than a week until the new year roles around. According to research, more than 90% of New Year’s resolutions will be broken within the first two weeks.

But, as Girl Scouts, we know that when we set realistic goals that are important to us, nothing can stop us from making our dreams a reality. So here are 6 fun and empowering goals for 2018 that everyone can get behind.


Resolution #1 – Get healthy/active:


Healthy Living is a core focus of Girl Scouts and there are many programs designed to get girls eating healthy and staying active. Starting with Girl Scout Journeys, each grade level offers specific tips, tricks, and recipes on everything from to health and happiness.

Resolution #2 – Be smarter with money

This is one almost everyone can get behind. “Fiscal responsibility” is one of those phrases that doesn’t exactly create excitement, but it’s important to start learning as soon as you are old enough to tell the difference between a nickel and a dime. Our Girl Scout Cookie Season starts on February 9th and it’s a perfect way to introduce girls to the concept of money management, goal setting, and financial decision making. This cookie season, make sure your girls are the ones in charge of counting money, giving change, managing inventory, advertising, and (best of all) planning  how to spend their earnings.

Resolution #3 – Get outdoors!

IMG_5934.JPGWe know, it’s hard when it’s this cold out, but getting outside is proven to improve your mood and your health. Outdoor programs are one of the first things people associate with Girl Scouts – and with good reason! With Girl Scouts, there’s no shortage of adventures you can enjoy year-round: Camping, hiking, horseback riding, tubing, skiing, spelunking, and star-gazing. GSHH offers programs for snowshoeing, outdoor survival, and even a Klondike Derby to get you through these cold months, and there’s always Camporee, our challenge days, mud runs, archery, and the classic Sing Around the Campfire when the days (and nights) get a little warmer.

Resolution #4 – Learn a new skill!


Have you ever hit a bulls-eye with a bow and arrow? Extracted DNA and analyzed fingerprints? Built a robot? Performed CPR? Built an expert campfire? Prepared for the zombie apocalypse? If you said yes to all of these, well you’re clearly taking advantage of all Girl Scouts offers. But if you didn’t, doesn’t that all sound pretty cool? And that’s just a small sampling of things Girl Scouts do every year! Experiencing something you never thought you could do or didn’t have access to, is one of the greatest thrills in life. These new experiences make us who we are and give us confidence to take on even more. Maybe the only thing better than trying something amazing, is teaching it. Volunteering and showing others what cool skills you’ve mastered is a great way to help others keep their resolutions.

Resolution #5 – Spend more time with family!

DSC_0233A wise man once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around, you could miss it.” And nothing moves faster than childhood. You can always find fun adventures for your girls, yourself and even the whole family in Girl Scouts. Or even better, you could be a troop leader or co-leader and experience first-hand your daughter’s courage, confidence, and character growing each day. And with some cool, new technology designed to help leaders plan and organize their meetings and activities, we’ve taken half the time out of volunteering and increased the fun 200%. (Science!)

Resolution #6 – Help others!

Sometimes the greatest resolution is one that benefits others first. Though community service is encouraged at every level of Girl Scouts, it’s Juniors (grades 4-5) that really kick start the process of truly having an impact on their community and beyond as they work through the highest awards (Bronze, Silver, and Gold). Whether it’s benefiting people, animals, or the environment, girls work through a progression as they coordinate, execute, and advocate for a project that has a lasting impact to make the world a better place.

Happy New Year!

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