Two Girl Scouts. Two US Navy Cryptologists. A Century Apart.

PO2 Sean Rerek Pittman is a current sailor and cryptologist in the US Navy. A few days ago she met CPO Dorothy Jones, sailor and cryptologist in the US Navy … in the early 20th century!

Both are Girl Scouts.

24133447_10212839085723295_1643748064_nPO2 Pittmann wanted to meet the woman who helped pave the way, for her, a Girl Scout and a female sailor, to be a cryptologist in today’s Navy, so our Operation Cookie Drop volunteers helped facilitate the meeting of the two outstanding women.

“They hit it off, and talked together for about an hour …. all about the difficulties of being a woman in a mans’ world. In some ways, nothing has changed! But it is so lovely to see our connections that tie us together! It was a really lovely meeting with the old meeting the new; young meeting the old. The past meeting the future of women in the Navy and in the field of cryptology!”, shares volunteer Alison.

PO2 Pittmann was able to tell CPO Jones all about her Gold Award – which was starting the Techno Chicklettes. And since CPO Jones met some members of the older girl team, the Techno Chics, they were able to talk about the impact of her project project, and where Girl Scouts have come since the 1920’s when CPO Jones was a Girl Scout!

In addition to her amazing record in the US Navy, CPO Jones is one of our oldest Girl Scouts at 99.

“Both women left smiling and happy having met a fellow traveler in the field! Smiles were on all the faces as we, the GS leaders, were beaming at our good fortune to be sitting in front of some AWESOME women!”

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