A Year of Girl Scouting

Alexis.jpgAlexis, a second year Brownie in Troop 10118 is a member of the GSHH Media team, a. She’s a true go-getter and has tried so many amazing things through the last year in Girl Scouting. I was honored to have the chance to chat with her, and she’s excited to share some of the highlights.

Big Events and Fun Trips

Two weeks ago, Alexis’ troop attended a Fall Fest – and event put on by the East Fishkill Service Unit to recruit new members and to celebrate the start of a new Girl Scout year. “It was really fun. I dressed up as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter!” Alexis shares. The event included a costume contest and lots of games, including trying to eat donuts off a string.

Alexis also attended Girl Fest at Camp Wendy, the council sponsored event to kick off the new membership year and showcase all the upcoming programs. “It was really fun! My favorite station was archery. I had never tried it before so I was nervous, but then I tried it and it was lots of fun.” She’s looking forward to taking on the ropes course in another year or two. When I asked what the ropes course was all about she, said, “You climb up a rock wall and then you’re 57 feet in the air!” I guess it doesn’t get any cooler than that!

But that’s not all! Over the last year, Alexis has also gone Roller Skating at Hyde Park Roller Magic, enjoyed a karate demo, went caroling at a nursing home, tried out ice-skating, saw the Charlie Brown Christmas show, and enjoyed a Girl Scout Day at the Norwalk Aquarium.Alexis 4

Learning Teamwork

This Fall, Alexis also earned her Robotics Badge through another GSHH program. Her group was challenged to design and build a claw that could grip objects. “Our fingers actually bent! And the arm could bend!” she exclaims, sharing her excitement of their success. When I asked how the process worked and how they figured out the correct way to build it, she said, “we did a lot of planning, and as we went we changed it a lot”, showing that failure doesn’t mean quit, it means try something new.

“I learned teamwork from this program. I know that I’m not very good at teamwork; I always get angry at everyone. But this time, I felt like I was actually working in a team!” She then followed that up with, “Do you know what the biggest room in the world is?”

I did not.

“The room for improvement!”

I have to concede that she is, of course, correct.Alexis 3

Earning Patches and Badges

Every Girl Scout loves earning badges, and filling their vests with memories of what they’ve accomplished and learned. Alexis’ Brownie vest, is full of great, colorful patches and badges. Her absolute favorite is the Theater patch her troop got after taking a backstage tour of the Charlie Brown Christmas show.


Some of her other favorites?

  • Campfire Songs
  • Disability Awareness
  • Painting
  • Gift of Caring (for donating cookies)
  • Candy Cane Making
  • And selling 300+ Cookies

Planning Ahead

Alexis is currently participating in the Fall Product Sale because she has big dreams for her troop this year. “We’re raising money to go to the Natural History Museum or to take a backstage tour on Broadway. We haven’t voted yet. We also want to do cabin camping this year. Last year we went to Build a Bear. ”

The Cookie Sale and Fall Product Sale (Nuts+Mags) gives troops the funds they need to go on these sorts of adventures and partake in learning opportunities. The funds can also be used to cover troop costs, such as snacks for meetings or patches.

One of best parts of Nuts+Mags (at least according to Alexis) is creating your own Avatar. “I just made my avatar,” she tells me excitedly, “She has long brown hair and a cute brownie vest and purple and turquoise flip-flops – Just like me!” She also tells me that she’s already earned her Avatar patch by sending out 12 e-mails.

Alexis 2

Helping Out

“My favorite part of being a Girl Scout is ALL OF IT… and also getting to help out,” says Alexis. “My mom is the troop leader so I always get to help. I love it when she lets me help. Believe it or not, I love cleaning. Give me a mop, and I’ll be mopping all day.”

We talked about how Girl Scouts helps people become leaders, and Alexis agreed.

“I like teaching because it’s fun. I want to learn how to be a good leader. All Girl Scouts should be leaders because they are kind and like to help. And, if you think about it, helping is just like teaching.”

Not only does she enjoy helping other members of her troop and her mom, but also enjoys bigger community service projects – such as caroling for the local nursing home around the holidays or donating Girl Scout cookies to a good cause.

Alexis 1

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