Rock Hill Girl Fest: A Recap

Hi welcome to the GSHH blog! My name is Emily and I’m a Girl Scout.  I am a part of the GSHH Media team – that means when I do things with my Girl Scout troop or attend things that help my community, I blog about them afterwards so you can see all the joys of being a Girl Scout and what we do.

Recently I went to Girl Fest Rock Hill Camp.

I’m a new Girl Scout so this was my first time and it was AMAZING.

In this event there are many stations where you can learn survival skills like learning how to build a lean-to and how to stop pain and bleeding. There are also activities to have fun like the mud run and archery. My favorite station was the lean-to building station which is where you learn to build a place to stay in case you get lost in the woods. I loved it because it is very helpful for survival. Also it is good knowledge to have.

There are so many activities and fun things to do, but the only way to get in on the fun is to go yourself!

My troop and I had so much fun doing this event so If you’re a Girl Scout ask your parents or troop about going to the Girl Fest next Fall.

Check out some other pictures from the event:


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