Striving for Silver: Blankets for Blythesdale

Ella and Maria of Troop 2954 are wrapping up their Silver Award project “Blankets for Blythesdale”.

Their Project:

We decided we wanted to make a positive impact on the young patients of Blythedale Children’s Hospital by making them fleece blankets. We held workshops after school and over the summer. We welcomed people to join us and help make homemade blankets to donate to kids in Blythedale Children’s Hospital. You can visit the website we made to learn more about our project.


Why this project?

We chose to do this because a hospital can be an unfamiliar environment and can cause kids to be scared so our hope was that these blankets would comfort them.
We chose this project because we love to work with kids and we love to DIY and craft. At the beginning of the project we both wanted to go into the medical field so we thought a hospital would be a great place to donate them.

What did they learn?

We learned a lot of things from this project but most importantly I think we learned communication skills. From talking to adults over email, phone call or in person to children giving them instructions we both improved greatly.

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