Troop 10102 Explore Women’s Issues Through GirlTopia Journey

The It’s Your World—Change It! Leadership Journeys encourage girls of all ages to make the world a better place and make new friends along the way. Troop 10102 from the East Fishkill Service Unit just finished up the GirlTopia Journey.

One of their favorite parts of the journey was an art project – the task was to depict something that made them happy / brought them peace. Nicolette, Alexa, Reggie, Emma, and Kim (who are quite the artists) showed off their finalized pieces at the E. Fishkill Library last Saturday.


As part of the GirlTopia Journey, they were encouraged to develop their own vision of an ideal world and acquire the skills to make it a reality. The Senior troop decided to interview women from all generations and walks of life to collect their stories – and hear how gender roles, the media, opportunities for education and employment, and bullying/harassment had affect them as women.

Their youngest interviewee was 12; the oldest was 105. They interviewed women who had grown up in the North America, South America, and Europe. Women who remembered WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, the rise of Jazz music, and Title IX. Women who grew up on farms, worked factory lines during the war, became secretaries, devoted their adult lives to motherhood, served in the military, pursued higher education, and one who aspires to be a film director.

Through these interviews, the 5 Senior Girl Scouts of Troop 10102 began to see a picture of womanhood throughout the last century. They:

  • Gained advice (“if they don’t like you, tell them ‘tough toenails’.”)
  • Gained perspective on how the media and beauty industry set unfair and ever-evolving standards of “perfection”
  • Saw how ‘getting picked on’ has evolved from playground taunts to cyber-bullying through the years.

Here is a collection of some of their interview responses:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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