“Surviving the Middle” – A High Schooler’s Guide to Surviving Middle School

Caitlin Allen knows what it’s like to move from elementary school to middle school, and from middle school to high school. She knows that it can be intimidating and scary. That’s why, for her Gold Award project, she chose to develop a program to help 5th graders with the transition to 6th grade.

“I work with a 5th grade junior level troop a lot and the girls all had concerns about middle school”, she says, citing the reason for her project, “I also remember how scared I was about middle school and I saw a common need.”

The biggest part of her project, was a video shown to all the 5th graders in the Washingtonville School District. It’s also the part of the project she’s most proud of. “I love the way it came out & that it can be watched by anyone and will forever on YouTube!” Caitlin says. She also ran a program for the elementary school students – teaching them various life skills, answering questions, and prepping them for their next educational adventure.

“I hope they learned that even though change is scary, by keeping yourself informed and prepared, any change is easier.” But it wasn’t only the 5th graders who were learning, Caitlin gained life lessons as well. “The biggest thing i learned from my projct is how people can have a positive influence on each other,” she reflects.

Before leaving us, she asked the share a few final thoughts on the Gold Award itself:

“My best advice for anyone going for the gold is to ask for help. You can not do anything in life alone especially big projects. Other people have skills and talents different from you and people really do like to help other people!”

And on that note, she added: “I would like to thank all my troops, friends, family & teachers for their help & support. #goforthegold”



One thought on ““Surviving the Middle” – A High Schooler’s Guide to Surviving Middle School

  1. This Awesome . As a parent of a elem school school child entering MS, I’m a nervous wreak. I know this will help my daughter and me make it through!! Thank you Caitlyn!! Wow !!


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