Operation Cooke Drop Cookies – Where Are They Now?

In June, hundreds of Girl Scouts gathered to drop off hundreds of thousands of boxes of Girl Scouts cookies – each box donated to Operation Cookie Drop, so active and retired military personnel could receive a small taste of home. Those cookies have now been every where from Yonkers to Qatar and Hawaii to Syria. They’ve been taken by car, naval ship, and plane to military bases and hospitals all around the world.


As of Sunday, August 13th, the following cookies had been delivered to the following locations…

strapped in the c-17 to afghanistan
strapped into a C-17 and ready to fly!


  • 35 cases to Afghanistan
  • 25 cases to the Sixth Fleet in Italy
  • 10 cases to Qatar
  • 2 cases to Marines in Norway
  • 2 cases cookies to sailors in Bahrain
  • 5 cases to Local Paratrooper  in173 Airborne stationed in Aviano, Italy
  • 4 cases to Airman Potthast serving in Afghanistan
  • 2 cases to Sgt Parente –  a Marine in Syria
  • 10 cases to the USS Bataan off  the coast of Syria
  • 10 cases to the USS Mesa Verde – off coast of Syria
  • 3,500 boxes to Stratton Air National Guard base
    • 2,000 of those boxes are headed to South Pole in October/November
  • 200 cases to Fort Dix to fly out on planes to sailors at naval stations and bases around the world
miltary band member - served 3 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan
He told us how they used to throw the cookies out of the helicopters to get the Afghani children to scatter, so they could set the helicopters down without endangering their lives. He said he, of course, loved eating them too.

Military Bases in the US:

  • 50 cases to McGuire AFB
  • 50 cases to Fort Dix/Lakehurst
  • 250 cases were dropped at Stewart Air Force Base
  • 150 cases went to New York Guard/National Guardsmen from NY who have been sand bagging up in Rochester for two months!
  • 4 to Tripler Army Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • 30,000 boxes to Fort Bragg
  • 5,000 boxes to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland
  • 1,000 boxes to the Maryland Guard
  • 1,000 boxes to the DC Guard
  • 2,500 boxes on board the USS Kearsarge for Fleet Week
  • 5,000 boxes to Quantico Marine Corp Base
  • 30 to Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico – delivered by local Dutchess County Airman
  • 60 cases were driven to Fort Drum, NY by local Duchess County Soldier
  • 200 cases to the Navy Operational Support Center in Schenectady
  • 50 cases to TSgt Lisa Clark – McGuire AFB


Veterans Centers/Programs and Hospitals:

  • 50 cases to Montrose VA Food Pantry
  • 9 cases to Montrose VA hospital for programs / events
  • 150 cases to Kingsbridge VA hospital
  • 10 cases each to 2 different VA hospitals in New Jersey
  • 20 cases to a Veteran Ministry Program out of Yonkers
  • 15 cases were flown down to Tampa with the sailor who was injured at Op Drop Day…to a Spinal cord Rehab facility!
  • 70 cases at Albany VA Hospital – dropped by Westchester County Police dept.
  • 1,000 boxes to Walter Reed Medical Center
  • 1,000 boxes to National Veteran food program
  • 40 cases to Vet 2 Vet Westchester

Stratton Air National Guard Base

Events and Honor Flights:

  • 2,500 boxes to Westchester County Veterans for Veteran Appreciation Day
  • 15 cases -Westchester – Hudson Valley Honor Flight – Mission 16
  • 25 cases to United for the Troops in Carmel
  • 75 cases to the US Navy causes
  • 25 cases to NY Medal of Honor Event
  • 12 cases to WCC veteran events
  • 15 cases – Honor Flight – Mission 17 – Westchester
  • 15 cases – Honor Flight – Mission 18 – Stewart
  • 18 cases to Big Apple Honor Flight – Mission 1
  • 16 cases – Stewart Hudson Valley Honor Flight – Mission 15
  • 50 cases to Fort Dix for Family Appreciation Day


Total Boxes Donated: About 105,000
Total Boxes Already Delivered: About 74,000



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