2017 Honorees: Women of Achievement

Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson congratulates the 2017 Tribute Honorees, and celebrates the potential of every G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader).

Each of this years honoree is ambitious, creative, visionary, responsible, and courageous. They are pioneers, advocates, experimenters, leaders, and life-long learners.

Andrea Nilon credits Girl Scouts with instilling in her a love of volunteerism and providing the pathway to her career in public service. Not long after moving here from New Jersey in the early 70s, she found herself alone with few resources and a three year old daughter. She knew only a few people, but one of these needed a leader for her niece. This same friend knew of a job opening, which happened to be with the town and, as they say, the rest is history.

Her daughter Linda fortunately was able to accompany her mother to work. To this day they are often seen together coordinating on community projects and events. Each claims to be an inspiration to each other every day.

Andrea’s extensive resume includes many leadership roles in both her profession and community. She cites Charlotte Huxel, first Bobbie Lahey recipient, with introducing her to the YWCA, and has been on that Board on and off for over two decades. She also is on Boards for the Orange County Citizens Foundation, Friends of Hill Hold & Brick House, and is past president for Cornell Cooperative Extension and past chair for the Orange County Parks Board.

Andrea holds a BA from Montclair University and an MPA from Marist. She has served as president for county, state, regional and national professional organizations, advocated for professional and community organizations in Albany and Washington, DC, and was honored in 2008 with a Fellowship in the Institute of Assessing Officers, the first woman to achieve that distinction.

Although Andrea’s passion is public service, she takes great pride in her immediate and extended family. In addition to Linda, she has a son, Joseph, step-daughters Lara and Dallas and step-son Jesse. Andrea and her partner of 25 years – Rick Hubner – live in Pine Bush, and also share six grandchildren and six step-grandchildren.


Elizabeth Klosky: Growing up in her supportive hometown of Cornwall-on-Hudson surrounded by the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley, Elizabeth was homeschooled until entering Cornwall Central High School and has been a Girl Scout since she was 5.

She is often found outdoors: observing nature, working with her bees and chickens or playing with her dog, helping with the maple syrup operation or constructing outbuildings for her family’s microfarm, Storm King Farm, or singing and making art.

Through Girl Scouts, she developed her passions for leadership training, volunteering, environmental conservation, and sustainable agriculture, while leading activities like NY is a Great Place to Bee – her wide-reaching Gold Award project focused on preserving pollinators.

Entering Cornell University in the fall to study biological engineering, Elizabeth plans to become an agricultural engineer to address worldwide food production issues by designing new processes and devices to make farming more sustainable, healthful, and efficient.


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