Sharing a Love of Reading with the Bronze Award

Troop 1510 consists of nine 5th grade girls who live and/or go to school in Bronxville.  Many of these girls have been together since kindergarten as Daisy Girl Scouts. And they are committed to stepping up and making a difference.

Girl Scouts are known for taking the lead without waiting to be called on to be a leader. And these empowered young ladies did just that. About a year ago, the girls sat down with the goal of earning their Bronze Award – the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn. They wanted to improve their community while finding their best selves.

Not sure how they could best make an impact, they interviewed others in the community for ideas before deciding to put together a reading program with the Andrus Day Care Center in Tuckahoe. “The girls concluded that sharing their love of reading through teaching was a very important community service they could give to young children” explains Shannon their troop leader.

The 5th graders went to the Andrus Center in groups of 3 to read books to the children and then complete an activity related to the book – a skit, a craft, etc.

Completing the Bronze Award was a huge learning experience for the Girl Scouts. “They had to plan their own lessons, budget the costs of material, confirm with the day care director the dates, and follow up with each other what worked and what did not work in their lessons,” says Shannon reflecting on the experience.


Congrats to Madeline, Julia, Katire, Frannie, Malia, Julia, Simone, Melissa, and Hadley!

To learn more about the Bronze Award, and other high level awards for Girl Scouts, visit our website. 

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