Rocky Brook Day Camp: My Summer Escape

Guest Blogger: Stephanie Palacios

Rocky Brook 2014

One of my favorite seasons is just around the corner; Some call it Summer but I like to call it Camp Season. From the end of June to mid-August for the past couple of years, you could find me at Rocky Brook Day Camp (even on the day of my high school graduation). Camp was and still is a place where I can express myself without being judged.  Camp is my summer escape. While many people choose to go on vacation for the summer to catch a break, I couldn’t imagine a summer where I am not at camp.

Working at Rocky Brook has caused me to see capers grow a little every summer. Not only the girls that come back every summer but even the ones who only come for a week. The camping experience causes even the shyest of children to break out of their shell. Every summer we get a few children who won’t speak a word and by the end of their time at camp they become little chatterboxes. It makes me happy to see how the girls have progressed, but I tend to forget that I was once in their position.

Camping has had a large impact on the person I am today. Before arriving at Rocky Brook I was shy and not very outgoing but camp was a place to break out of my shell and be that person I always felt I had the potential to be. Now I’d like to think I am a responsible, energetic, and independent young woman and I can thank Girl Scouts and camp for that. I am now Caramel that silly, fun loving counselor.Rocky Brook 2014 (2)

The more time I spent at camp the more comfortable I became. Once a person becomes comfortable they’re more likely to explore their surroundings, eventually becoming independent. The first few days at camp are always the roughest for many campers since it’s a new environment. Over the years, I have made amazing friends at camp who I will always carry with me. Each person I have met at camp has taught me something that has helped me along the line. To quote my favorite end of camp song “And as the years go by, I’ll think of you and sigh, this is goodnight and not goodbye”.

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