Hyde Park Girl Scout Partners with National Park Service to Earn 57 Jr Ranger Badges

Through Girl Scouting, Shiloh has been involved with the National Park Service’s Junior Ranger program. Over the last 2 years, she has earned 57 Junior Ranger badges and patches.


Through this partnership with the National Park Service, Girl Scouts are encouraged to explore the outdoors and learn about the history of national parks. While having fun at National Parks, Girl Scouts can:18083467_288838671560122_65507982_o

Shiloh enjoys completing the junior ranger books at different sites, because she gets to learn new things. Describing her experience at each National Park or Historic Site, Shiloh shared:

  • At Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site, I got to go behind the scenes with a ranger. She showed me the booth where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. She also showed me the offices where the rangers work.
  • At Edgar Allen Poe National Historic Site, we went into the basement, which was very spooky. There was a stuffed cat on a shelf in the basement. I thought it was very creepy.
  • 18083641_288856308225025_1767133533_oI explored ancient cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park. I climbed up a ladder to the cliff dwelling, and went on a hike.
  • I voted for Women’s Rights and saw the Liberty Bell at Independence National Historic Site.
  • I fed crickets to a grass snake with a ranger at Blue Ridge Parkway National Park.
  • I played on the beach and picked up shells the Assateague Island National Seashore. I saw wild ponies at the beach.
  • I explored Death Valley National Park, which is the hottest place on the planet earth. I really liked the junior ranger activities at that park.
  • At the National Mall and Memorial Parks, in Washington, D.C., I collected a charm from each memorial site and used them to create a charm bracelet that I still wear.
  • I backpacked and camped in Cumberland Gap National Historic Park. It rained during our trip. My favorite parts of camping was eating freeze-dried ice cream on my mom’s birthday, and exploring Sand Cave. Sand Cave is a huge cave! My sister and I slid down the sand like we were sledding.
  • At Dinosaur National Monument, I got a private tour of the fossil wall, and I helped a ranger use a screw driver to fix equipment in the building. The fossilized dinosaurs used to be under a big lake.18083777_288850031558986_857115131_o
  • I learned how to track animals with a guide while we spent a few days at Grand Teton National Park. I saw a whole herd of Bison, and I heard wolves howling in the woods, and I got to touch water in a warm spring.
  • At Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, I saw lots of Great Blue Herons hunting for fish.
  • I participated in a junior ranger program at Fire Isand National Seashore. The ranger taught me about the shells that are on Fire Island. I learned about the proper way to hold Horseshoe Crabs, and that they don’t hurt you- they just tickle you.
  • At Women’s Rights National Historical Park, I learned that women could not vote or own property in the past, and that women fought for rights.

Shiloh also met the recent requirements for the Centennial of Women’s Suffrage in New York, Girl Scout Patch Program. In addition to learning about women’s rights and women’s suffrage, we used the opportunity to visit Women’s Rights National Historic Park, site of the first Women’s Rights Convention in 1848, located in Seneca Falls, N.Y. Shiloh earned a junior ranger badge at the national park, which helped her engage in the experience.


3 thoughts on “Hyde Park Girl Scout Partners with National Park Service to Earn 57 Jr Ranger Badges

  1. Reminds me of trailer camping all over the US and Canada with my family when I was young. My parents wanted to get out and see the country and the national parks. But with two kids they didn’t want to tent camp, so we got a small camping trailer. For most of the 60’s, every summer (wedged between Day Camp and Established Camp) we traveled the country. I loved it, and I didn’t realize how lucky I was until Mom explained that most don’t go anywhere for vacation or maybe just to their grandparents. I remember those trips fondly. They didn’t have Girl Scout programs with parches then, But I did get my Family Camper badge and my Horsewoman badge as a Cadette. Shilo is a very lucky girl to have a family that likes to travel and camp like mine did.

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