Interview with Shannon, a CAB Camper

ShannonatCAB2We wanted to share what Girl Scout Summer Camp is really like, so we sat down with Shannon, a Brownie Girl Scout from Beacon, and her mom Jennifer to get the scoop on their favorite summer camp – Camp Addisone Boyce.

GSHH: How long you’ve been going to summer camp?
Shannon: I Started at CAB when I was six years old and entering first grade.  I will be 8 years old in a few weeks, going into 3rd grade.

Why did you choose CAB originally?
Shannon started at day camp full time a year before CAB.  We tried several camps in the area and she was bullied or left out many times.  At one camp, the staff to child ratio seemed awfully lax and she spent most of the day sitting under a tree.  She would come home from these camps absolutely filthy, exhausted and not happy.  Since I have to work full time all summer, I wanted to give her the best camp experience I could. I am a girl scout leader so I figured that a girl scout camp could be the answer.  We went to Meet the Director day and I fell in love with CAB immediately.  We also attended several programs there before camp started (Daisy Spring Spree, etc).  I loved the counselors, I loved the setting, I loved the sense of community and respect to all.  I loved the rustic cabins, the lake, the woods and the classic camp atmosphere.  

GSHH: Why do you love CAB?
Shannon: I love that I can earn badges.  I love that the other girls are friendly and always help me feel like I fit in.  They never leave girls out of activities and everyone is so nice.
Jennifer: I have never found another camp that even comes close to what CAB can offer.  It is actually very difficult for us to get Shannon to Camp as there is no transportation from Dutchess.  To get her there each summer, I have begged and pleading with my boss to change my hours, with my husband’s boss  also and with my Dad to drive her to the bus.  yet, there is nothing I wouldn’t try to get her there for as many years as I can.  She
already talks about becoming both a counselor and a GS leader some day.  This is the right place for her.  I never have to worry that she will come home crying because someone was Shannonat CAB 3jpgmean, I don’t have to worry that she got left out (she can be shy).  I love that she is learning new things that are really useful.  She had a really really hard time with swimming.  We went through swim program after swim program.  CAB was the very first time that anyone was able to help her progress with her swimming skills, they literally worked magic with her.

GSHH: What are the swim lessons like? Do you enjoy them?
Shannon: The swim lessons were very low pressure, they help you step by step without making you feel bad, they are very patient and good teachers and it helped me learn to first like and then love the water

GSHH: What are your favorite summer camp activities?
Shannon: Sloppy searching, swimming, fishing and canoeing.

GSHH: If someone was thinking about going to camp, what would you tell them?
Shannon: I would tell them that at CAB making friends is easy and you will learn a lot of new things.  There is a lot of fun things to do and the camp is very beautiful.  I would tell them they should go!
Jennifer: Do whatever you can to get your child to this camp, it is so worth it!  They will help your child in every way and you will see your child come home at the end of the day tired but happy happy!  The experience of spending so much time in nature is so rare these days and yet sooo incredibly important.  Your will see your child learn and accomplish things you hadn’t even thought  to teach them. This camp will allow them to soar beyond your expectations and give them memories that will last a lifetime and instill a respect and love for nature and their sister scouts.   The amazing sense of community and belonging at this camp will make your child feel right at home the first day.


GSHH: Have you learned anything at camp?
Shannon: I have learned a lot about swimming, how to be more independent and how to have better confidence.
Jennifer: I have seen her confidence in herself grow.  I have seen her go from dreading camp to loving camp.  She has a much more “take charge” attitude now and is much more independent.  Being at this camp has really changed her comfort level with being outside.  She used to be hesitant to go hiking, or even just hanging outside, but now she loves to be outside, in all weather.  She learned to love canoeing and continues to use her experience at camp to learn as much as she can about nature, as she wants to work with animals or in an environmental capacity when she is “grown up”.  I see her singing by herself when before she wouldn’t sing at all because she was so self-conscious.  She is fishingable to do so much more for herself, small things, like put her hair in a ponytail, take the right clothes, change clothes herself, remember to use sun screen.  She has learned to deal with bumps and bruises without having a meltdown.  She has learned how to be a good friend and how to respect others.  She has learned how to take the initiative to help out, not just when asked.

GSHH: What are you most looking forward to for this summer?
Shannon: Seeing old friends and making new friends.  Swimming!

GSHH: Favorite campfire meal or snack?
Shannon: Taco in a bag!!!!

GSHH: Advice for any new campers?
Shannon: Have fun, don’t be shy, try new things and bring a water bottle with a sprayer because it gets hot!

Want to join us this summer? Check out our camp brochure!

Shannonat CAB 4

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