Why Troop Leaders Love Girl Scouts

April was Volunteer Appreciation Month, and we know our Troop Leaders repeatedly go above and beyond to create the best experiences for our girls. So, other than our gratitude, what do our leaders love about Girl Scouting? We asked a few to find out, and here are…

The Top 10 Reasons Girl Scout Leaders Love their Job

  1. Helping girls recognize their importance and worth. “You watch some of them go from not believing in themselves to not giving up on themselves.”
  2. Quality time with your daughter. “You’ll see her leadership develop from the ground up. Not just the finished product, but all the background stuff too. And you’ll become the “cool mom” to the other girls and a role model to your daughter.”
  3. Making an impact on girls’ lives and realizing you’re maybe the ONE person who can make a difference. “Building strong bonds with each troop member fills the heart with love and joy.” The warm hugs and smiling faces they share.
  4. Being part of a supportive community and making new lifelong adult friends. Networking. Making good contacts in the community.
  5. Showing girls how to help themselves and help others… and being inspired by their creativity, generosity, and sense of community as they set out to make the world a better place.
  6. The way their eyes light up when you teach them something new. “Watching your troop grow and seeing the light bulb moment when they finally get it” … “30 years from now one of the girls in the troop will do something random and remember that you taught her how to do that.”
  7. Seeing the evolution of a shy, quiet girl into a confident, outgoing girl full of smiles.
  8. Discovering skills you never knew you had… and sharpening the ones you have: Computers, leadership, camping communication, cooking.
  9. Helping your daughter / niece / granddaughter become a force for change in your community.
  10. Going on adventures – camping, museums, service projects, overnights, or even international travel. “You’ll go places you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to visit and try things you never would have thought to pursue.”

Honorable mentions:

  • “It’s like taking a bath in the fountain of youth… with bubbles!”
  • You get to sing songs. A lot.
  • You never miss out on Girl Scout cookies!
  • For the laughs. Children are hilarious.
  • Because your girls are worth it.


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