Gold Award Spotlight: Julia Leggett

Guest Blogger – Julia Leggett, Troop 576 in Monroe

My Gold Award project was the outdoor classroom at North Main Elementary School where I re-purposed an unused outdoor courtyard. The space is now used by all students and provides an opportunity to enjoy the outside while learning.


I picked the outdoor courtyard at North Main Street Elementary school because it is where I went to school and because I thought it would be great to go outside and learn on a nice day. When I went to North Main, I always wished I could go into the courtyard, now they can.

Looking back there were many memorable moments, but one moment sticks out as my favorite: It was one of the many days I was working on the classroom and I had all my troop, my family and some friends all in the courtyard helping me. It was drizzling and I just remember how grateful I was to have such a great group all pulling together on a rainy day to help create the classroom. It may not seem like much of a moment if you weren’t there, but it was the day I knew I would complete the project.

IMG_5638Another favorite part of my project was refinishing benches that had been neglected. The benches where a boy scout’s eagle project and it was sad to see them so neglected. It was great to refurbish them. I also loved to have a chance to work with my hands on carpentry type of work. I learned how to use a sander which was so much fun!

I learned from the project that I can make a difference and how people  of all ages are happy to help if you work as a group. It does not matter how old you are, people of all ages will pitch in to make a difference and improve a place that means so much to all of us.


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