Gold Award Spotlight: Mandira Shashank “Vaccinations for Orphans”

For her Gold Award Vaccinations for the Orphans, Mandira Shashank worked on providing medical care, hygiene education, and vaccinations to girls at the Seva Sadan Orphanage in Mumbai, India. Mandira is from Troop 1948 in the Scarsdale Edgemont Service Unit.

all smiles

At the orphanage Mandira created a process to document their progress – creating charts for the girls. She also took and recorded vital signs as well as recorded basic information such as height and weight and insured all of their medical information was recorded on file at one of Mumbai’s best hospitals for future reference.

getting vaccinatedHer team, consisting of medical professionals, conducted full medical check-ups on each of the girls, as well as provided vaccinations. “Some of them were a little scared, so the other girls and I encouraged and helped them until the injection was over,” says Mandira.

She added, “After the girls got their vaccines, I went to their orphanage to talk to them about why the vaccines were necessary.  I also talked to them about the importance of hygiene (particularly dental hygiene, because the doctor examining them commented that they needed better dental hygiene), and healthy eating (we helped prepare healthy snacks for them).  To break the ice with the girls, we also danced for them and they danced for us.”

Mandira also created awareness about the importance of childhood vaccinations in her community in New York through a professional-level dance performance attended by over 160 people. You can view a sample of the performance or the full performance on her Vimeo account.

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