Badges in Bloom at the Macy’s Flower Show

Every Girl Scout knows that communities flourish when people lend a hand. To bring this idea to life, Girls Scouts of the USA has created a themed garden at the 43rd annual Macy’s Flower Show! The garden symbolizes how communities bloom when everyone rolls up their sleeves, gets involved, and inspires positive change like a Girl Scout. In the words of our interim CEO Sylvia Acevedo, “Our Citizen badges reflect the extraordinary Girl Scout programming designed to foster, in every girl, a strong sense of civic duty. This encompasses taking action toward a passion that addresses the greater good—from DSC_0440getting involved in government to advocating for change as a global citizen.”

Earlier this month, Girl Scouts from our council showed their springtime spirit at the Macy’s Flower Show. In addition to spending time exploring the Girl Scout demo, and learning about the Citizen badges, they also enjoyed exploring the rest of the flower show. Favorites included the large piano, attempting to identify different scents, and taking pictures with the beautiful displays.
Our garden at the Macy’s Flower Show is interactive! Visitors can use a working water pump to help a giant flower bloom and reveal Citizen badges which are hidden among the ferns, begonias, hydrangeas, and African violets. Each badge (Public Policy, Behind the Ballot, and Inside Government) includes an explanation about how it helps girls develop vital skills, such as taking part in a civil debate, making group decisions, and getting involved in government.

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