“I know how to Persevere Beyond the Word No”

Guest blogger: Kayla Komlani, Troop 108 in Monroe.

When I joined Girl Scouts, I was 9 and in the third grade. At the time, I was in troop 704. Throughout that time, I’ve had lots of fun and exposure to new experiences. Last year, I moved into troop 108 where more learning opportunities and wider exposure awaited. I’ve now completed six and a half years of Girl Scouts.

Recently I attended a Girl Scout conference called “Lead Like a Girl”. There I learned so much about leadership and how to be a successful female leader. It was at this conference that my eyes were opened to the myriad of opportunities that Girl Scouts offer.Kayla speaking at podium

My all-time favorite memory in Girls Scouts must be my first time selling Girl Scout cookies. The ability to convince people to purchase a box even when they told me no was secretly exciting, I understood then that I had a special ability to not be deterred or take no for an answer. I was equally adamant to stick to my goal of being the top cookie seller in my troop and realized no was not an acceptable answer. Since then, that trait has stayed with me; I know how to persevere beyond the word ‘no’.

Additionally, I have gained organizational skills and enhanced my social skills. As a result, I’ve been very involved in my school and community. These are traits that have taken me this far and hopefully will propel me through my future endeavors.

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