Gold Award Spotlight: Isabella Feeney

Isabella’s project aimed to increase early literacy by installing a new book display on the wall of the children’s room in the local library. She initiated a book-buddy style program that involves children picking out their favorite childhood books to be put on display for any other child looking for a good book. She also created a short picture book that described the program that she distributed to all of the surrounding libraries.

isabella-feeney-literacy-projectWe stopped to ask Isabella a few questions about her project, and what she accomplished:

Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson: Why did you choose this project?

Isabella: I chose to do this project because of my love for reading. During my time volunteering in the library, I saw many parents come in and grab random handfuls of books for their children. I thought that if families had a more centralized location to find books with personalized recommendations, they wouldn’t be overwhelmed by choices when they walked into a library, and could more easily find a book that piqued their interest.

GSHH: What a neat project idea! Literacy is so important and a love of reading opens so many doors for young people. Did you have a favorite part of the project?isabella-feeney-2

Isabella: My favorite moment was seeing the display finally up in the library with the sign I created hanging over it. From that moment on, Turn the Pages was in full effect and the children of the community could benefit by finding the right book for them!

GSHH: That sounds wonderful. One final question – what did you learn from this experience?

Isabella: From this project, I learned a good deal about time management and leadership. I also learned to be more proactive in order to get things done and not be afraid to reach out to ask others for help.

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