Girl Scout Week: Then and Now

As we’re now in the middle of Girl Scout week, let’s take a look back at home the traditions around this week have changed over time. Girl Scouts initially established seven days of service during Girl Scout week – these goals of service by Girl Scouts still guide us today as we celebrate.

According to the 1966 Cadette GS Handbook “Girl Scout week is a time to take a good look at what the troop has done during the winter; to plan for the coming spring and summer months. It is also an excellent occasion for a special re-dedication ceremony or a Scouts’ Own.”


Sunday (or Sabbath) – March 12th

  • Then – plan to demonstrate your understanding of the first part of The Promise… duty to God
  • Now – take part in a religious service, wear your Girl Scout uniform. Say or sing grace at a meal. Consider earning your My Promise, My Faith pin.

Monday – March 13th

  • Then – Homemaking Day – teach a homemaking skill to a younger girl.
  • Now – Community Day – give back  to your school, church, or any agency that helps our community.


Tuesday – March 14th

  • Then – Citizenship Day
  • Now – Spread the Girl Scout Cheer – lending a helping hand to friends and family

Wednesday – March 15th

  • Then – Health and Safety Day
  • Now – Health and Safety Day – learn how to incorporate healthy living, exercise, stress relief, nutrition, and FUN into your everyday life.

Thursday – March 16th

  • Then – International Friendship Day
  • Now – Outdoors Day – get outside and learn a skill, immerse yourself in nature, or take steps to serve the environment.


Friday – March 17th

  • Then – The Arts Day
  • Now – Friends and Family Day – – give back to the people in your family or your home.

Saturday – March 18th

  • Then – Out-of-Doors Day
  • Now – Arts and Culture Day – learn how to you can support the arts in your local community.

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